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It was so hard to get my hands on that fab Spell dress. Out there, there is a big hype around it as Spelly and Lizzy are geniuses in social media marketing. They seduced me to switch dresses and wear their beauty instread of my Zara dress for the Vegas wedding. But as my friend Emmett Katherine from Hippie Lace said: It doesn't make sense to wear something that doesn't give you the Wow-factor. So, I stayed up all night and finally grabbed a XS at Spell's online store and a S at Naked Labels boutique. Let's see which one wins!

Although my blog has now a bridal blog attitude, I will go on with something else and hope I won't totally bore you (but I'm so excited to say YES a second time - and this time in a pink cadillac, haha!). I couldn't resist and snapped this wonderful necklace by The2Bandits in silver and moonstone. It's the perfect match with that fab Spell Designs maxi dress and will look amazing with my Navajo silver jewelry and other silver toned gems I already do own from the label. And it was 30% off the RRP!!

And the Desert Wanderer tee... perfect for our "honeymoon" in the desert! Love the sleeveless look of it, instantly reminds me of band shirts I used to wear in the 90s when I was in primary school ;).

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Patti said...

ahh, that moonstone necklace - so gorgeous and organic, love it. Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday and have a great week. xo

Denisa said...

Nice Inspo. Have a great day.