Recently, I discovered the healing and balancing power of yoga and meditation. Since some weeks, I'm into Yin Yoga, a yoga practice that focuses on the balance of body and mind. I never have been interested into that lifestyle-body-shaping power yoga kinda thing (alone that term sounds odd to me), but I needed something to help me calming down and overcome negative thoughts. Unfortunately, my temper sometimes rounds out of control - a habit I really want to overcome - and yoga seems to be perfect for me.

The sensitive, mindful moves that are elementary for yin yoga really help me to put the reset button of my mind. It's very relaxing and has a positive influence on the nervous system. I also tried the much more powerful yang yoga that tones the body and definitely needs some muscle power, but yin yoga is much easier to start with when you are a beginner. It also focuses on the natural breathe, so you are able to clear your mind and let go.

I'm just waiting  for my Free People order with a yoga mat and some exercising clothes. Yoga is really a nice way to structure the day and bring some useful breaks in my home office routine. That's definitely a benefit practicing from home does have: I can do my yoga routine whenever I want and feeling I need some movement.

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Moon to Moon said...

I love yoga and have been doing it for about 15 years.
Meditation is one of the things that keeps me sane after a stressful day at work, and working as a nurse in and emergency room i get plenty of those.

I am glad you have found them.
Although free people do some nice stuff, companies like Prana are specialist yoga companies and their clothes are better quality