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Lovely Bird  San Miguel Felt Fedora Navajo Band-Rust (also shown here)
Elizabeth & James Olyvia dress (via The Outnet)
Jewlry by The 2 Bandids (here)

"We are a product of our environment" - that's the opinion of Bronnie Ware, the author of "The Top Five Regrets of the Dying", a very thoughtful, wise and warm-hearted book that's definitely worth a read. If you force yourself into situations, jobs or relationships that don’t bring out the best but the worst of you, it's definitely worth trying to change the situation. Moving on towards a healthy loving environment really can make a change.

That is what worked out for me. That's why I'm smiling like a mad. I don' say that every single day is just about happiness now; there are definitely challenges to take day by day. But if you go with the flow instead of trying to move a rock that is too heavy to be removed, you really can experience the ultimate bliss. Sometimes, letting go or even quitting leads to a better life (read about my best quits ever here and here).

Bronnie wrote it so well: "It was as if I had been swimming down the same river over and over, and each time, I would come across a large rock blocking my natural flow. It was always there. One day though, I realized that it may always be there. So rather than have to face the same rock, the same blockage repeatedly, I was choosing somewhere different to swim, somewhere that would allow me to move forward freely and naturally. I didn't have to set myself up for that hurdle over and over, one that hindered my natural progress, causing blockages and pain every time without fail" (p. 44).

Jupp, and the dress, hat and jewelry are bliss, too - and an expression of my natural flow and that I'm swimming in the right waters.


Vix said...

Lovely to hear that you're happy and that you've guided your life in the right direction. Gorgeous dress and fab shot of Hendrix and his hat! x

Sharon S said...

A really insightful post and so true too. I really love your dress and jewellery and you look so happy and relaxed xx

Shakkablakka said...

I really love how you write about life.. I am stuggling too and am on a big quest to find out what really makes me happy. It is not easy, so it's inspiring to read about it.

And you look great, love the dress, jewellery and the hat!

Kacie Cone said...

Look how cute Hendrix looks with your hat!! That dress is so stunning on you and I love how you paired it was the hat, such a great combo!


Ivana Split said...

You have such a lovely home:) Wonderful dress, I like the details on your back...and the hat is really cute:)

Ira Kharchenko said...

Amazing pics dear!


Sacramento Amate said...

So good to read your thoughts and see your peaceful charming look.
Thank you so much for being part of the creative adventure of Share-in-Style.

Indie by heart said...

Beautiful dress, the colour suits you so well. And love the hat too! I saw some of the photos on Facebook already -- adorable ^^

xx Satu
Indie by heart