Hope you enjoy your Easter weekend! We do have some relaxed days, cooking fresh food, doing long walks, enjoying the sunshine and doing some DIY projects! ;)))
These colourful easter eggs are a DIY project, inspired by Free People. They are coloured with natural dye, made from onions, beetroot and reg cabbage. Hendrix enjoys them, too ;)

Whishing you a great time!


Vix said...

Hendrix seems very impressed with your DIY skills, he's such a cutie! x

Sonrisa said...

Hendrix is sooo cute <3

inĂªs silva said...

your blog is so inspiring!
i just found it now, but i am going to follow you :)
if you want to check out my blog too, i will put here the link: i will put here the link http://free-zing-time.blogspot.pt/
xx <3