Hello, how are you? Sorry for being absent for a while, times are really flying at the moment!
Here is our latest addition for our flat and cute pet Hendrix,
a Rarissima cat tree, hand made and costum made for us!

Love, that it is made from real wood from a forest here in Germany and actually looks like a tree. Our cutie really loves it, sleeps on top, scratches it and climbs it ;)

Will be back with some more posts next week!


Ofelia said...

Welcome back! I took a month and half off from blogging as well due to my work.
Hendrix is such a cute and lucky feline to have you guys as his family. How wonderful that his cat tree is from German trees!

Moon to Moon said...

Such a good name, I am allergic to cats, I still want one of those trees though!!

Cherie said...

Hello. I love this cat tree so much. I've been on an endless search for a product like this one - modern, stylish, and functional. I'm afraid to ask how much it cost. Also I'm located in the San Francisco Bay Area and the website doesn't appear to have an English option. Do you know how I could go about purchasing one of these? I actually love the style of yours - simple and elegant. Any info you could provide would be much appreciated.

Thank you
Cherie Hammond