Wearing ///
Oaxacan vintage dress from Barcelona (2013)
Isabel Marant Deacon pants (2013)
Urban Outfitters hat (2012)
Anthropologie satchel (2013)
Sam Edelman Pretty boots (2013)

This is really a #trowback look (and also has been shown here), but it matches perfectly with the autumn weather rushing in and the current #sharingstyle theme, called "skirts or pants?". Well here, I'm wearing both and I still love that combo.

That Mexican mini denim dress is perfect match with my Isabel Marant denim pants. Both pieces are embroidered and the colors match perfectly. I think they are meant to be together and both pieces have been waiting for each other ;) I love mixing up modern pieces with authentic hippie stuff!

It looks amazing worn as a dress too, see pic below!

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New in ///
India Gauze peacock blouse from the 70s
feather pants from the 80s
both from Thriftwares

After booking our flights for the US road trip that will lead us trough Cali, Nevada, New Mexico, Colorado, Utah and Arizona (read more here), I couldn't hold myself back and ordered this outfit for the 11 hours flight.

The two pieces have been on my wish list for a while - not only for the vacation. I love Indian gauze and already own two dresses made of this heavenly soft fabric, so this top was a must have (view dress #1 here and #2 here).

The pants are a perfect replacement for my Isabel Marant Sid pants (worn here) that unfortunately do have some heavy rips. I don't know if I didn't look after them well enough or if the previous owner used a wrong detergent, but I think it's the second one. Sad thing, I fixed the rips but will only wear them at home as I don't believe they will survive an 11 hours flight!



... and oh hello to Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado and Utah!

We managed to book our flights for our big road trip next year and we are super excited! We have been to Cali before and these are some snap shots of our previous trip. We went to San Francisco (read more here, my fist blog post actually), Santa Cruz, Sequoia National Park (here), Big Sur (here), Monterey (here), Santa Barbara and L.A. (here) and it was a dream that 'came true.

What are featured here are the places we are going to re-visit. Our new trip will start in L.A. and will lead us to Palm Springs and Joshua Tree Park. We already have been to the park (read more here) and had a glimpse what is waiting for us in the distance. The last pic shows the San Andreas Fault and the deserts waiting for us. We will visit White Sands and Death Valley, Canyon Lands and Painted Deserts, Monument Valley and Grand Canyon, Santa Fe and Phoenix... and we will marry again in Las Vegas (read about my Spell Designs Fleetwood dress for the wedding here)!



Wearing ///
Topshop feather band hat in pink hat (also shown here)
Bailey of Hollywood Curtis fedora
classy bandana (2013, also shown here)
Urban Outfitters hat (2012, also shown here)
Filippo Catarzi fedora (2012, also shown here)
Original Panama fedora (Barca 2011 and re-worn in Barca 2013 here)
Lovely Bird San Miguel fedora with navajo band (modeled by my cat boy Hendrix)
Pachacuti hat, via Anthropologie (2013, also shown here)

I wanted to do this post for so long as my hat collection is growing and growing! As you might have noticed, I own my things a long time. I'm not a fast fashion buyer and I really care for what I spend my money. The oldest one here is the Panama fedora which hubby and me bought 2011 in Barca. It is hand made in Panama and really worth every penny. We wear it both and it still is in great condition.

The other ones are classics, too: Love the classy black fedora grey Bailey hat. Noticed the brand when I was the first time in London (2007) and I really recommend the hats the company sells. They are made very well and they are British style essentials. 

The floppy hat with the brown leather trims was bought in San Francisco, so it goes without saying that this one means a lot to me. The peacock feather hat is my fave as it is made so well and the design is truly special. The rust colored hat with the Navajo style band is my second fave and the Topshop one comes pretty close...

Without  hat on my head I feel incomplete. Nothing helps that much to keep messy hair pretty.



Wearing ///
Zara crochet dress (2012)
Stuart Weitzman Aphrodite sandals
Bag from Portugal
Topshop pink feather hat
Elizabeth&James Hoyt sunnies
loads of The 2 Bandits and Navajo jewelry

Some days ago, it was so cold that I thought it was impossible to wear these beautiful sandals outside this year. But well, they made it! This green place is actually just around the corner of our apartment and really quite and empty - so it is perfect for some hippie-tastic outdoor shoots! ;)))

This outfit is a lot like the one with my Spell Designs Fleetwood blouse (here) and quite a summer version of it. The dress has been in my wardrobe for years and although it is from Zara it is really well made. The lace and the slip are 100% cotton and the dress still looks like new although it has been worn a lot (for instance here in San Francisco two years ago, read more here).

We are enjoying every ray of sunlight as it could be the last warm day of the year!

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