Fan Manga project ///
Sailor Moon Cosmos Arc

I wanted to do this for so long and finally it becomes reality! I'm currently totally obsessed with drawing my own manga, a spin-of of the Sailor Moon Series by Naoko Takeuchi. It is called Cosmos Arc and is based on the fairytale The Wild Swans by Hans Christian Andersen.

Had to make up my mind wether I draw a fully colored manga or a black and white one with using screen tones and I decided for that traditional way. Love to apply the screen tones to my drawings! You can follow the process and find the story on my DeviantArt Account VivianexMoon. The screen tone technique is explained here.



Wearing ///
By Malene Birger blouse (2013)
Jen's Pirate Booty Tango shorts (via Free People)
vintage waistcoat from London (2010)
Sam Edelman Pretty suede boots
vintage Ray Ban Aviators (2006)
vintage L.A. bag from Barcelona (2011)

A look I love a lot! Finally, I found the perfect pair of pants for my vintage waistcoat. Some pieces of clothing are really meant for each other, aren't they?

This outfit is very Hendrix and Led Zepp inspired and gives me the right vibes for our upcoming vacation in the US - whhiiiii!! :)))



I just had to share these pics of my dear cat boy Hendrix with you. He's my daily bliss and such a lovely companion! Really will be missing him during our 4 week vacation!



Fan Art by Jorge Alvarez
check out his DeviantArt account here ///

Isn't his art work amazing? I love, how fragil his characters do look. It adds a hint of elegance to them, doesn't it? I think it is magical how much he hits Naoko Takeuchi's original style and stays true to his own way of drawing.



Wearing ///
By Malene Birger Folk embroidered blouse (2014)
By Malene Birger tassel scarf (2014)
Kate Moss for Topshop suede runners (2014)
Sam Edelman Pretty suede boots (2013)
Topshop hat (2014)
Antik Batik leather bag (2014)

An outfit I recently wore a lot! Combined with a black coat, this one is perfect for winter. It also has a lot of boho vibes that help me to survive the winter season, haha ;) I'm a summerly girl deep in my heart and can't wait for spring, so I'm thankful for nice shorts that I can wear during the winter too! The tassel scarf is the perfect accessory for that outfit, don't you think?